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Attorney Referrals | Vaccine Injury Cases

Vaccine Injuries? What can be done for your clients? 

Our firm has a nationwide practice representing people and families affected by vaccination-related injuries. We are not anti-vaccination. Vaccines are a vital element of our public health effort, and they have been very effective at eradicating and preventing previously untreatable and sometimes fatal diseases. However, while the incidence of problems is relatively rare, we have to recognize that vaccines themselves can cause devastating injuries and even death.

To address vaccination related injuries and deaths, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was created about 30 years ago.


Supposedly, the system was created to be user-friendly, but in reality, the opposite is true. The process is not an easy one. These cases are nothing like your typical personal injury matter, including medical malpractice cases.  

The money to pay claimants comes from a government trust fund which is funded by a surcharge on all covered vaccines. It has plenty of money, but the government does not make it easy for injured patients to get paid. It is possible to get recoveries, but a lawyer has to know the system and that system is not like anything most of us typically deal with.


Claims are filed in the United States Court of Federal Claims, Office of Special Masters, in Washington, D.C. The claim will be heard by a “special master,” more or less an administrative law judge. Lawyers from the Department of Justice represent the government and they often do so fairly aggressively.   

The lawyers on our Vaccination Injury Team at Rawls Law Group work together to provide the highest level of service and representation to clients by using our extensive knowledge of the compensation process for vaccine injuries. Our experience, depth, and success has made us a national leader in Vaccine Injury cases. 


We can help your clients through this process. Of course, we cannot guarantee success – no lawyer can – but we do guarantee that we will do our best.

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