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Vaccine Injury Blog

Legal Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure a disease. Nor is it intended as medical advice. The reader is responsible for their decisions and their health.

  • Writer's pictureGlen Sturtevant

How Long Does the Vaccine Injury Legal Process Take?

It depends on the complexity of the case. Most SIRVA cases—shoulder injuries caused by a flu shot—are relatively simple cases and our clients typically receive payment in less than a year.

More complex cases involving autoimmune diseases or cases where there is another potential cause of the injury besides the vaccination can take longer—especially when we have to hire expert medical doctors to help prove the case or a fact-finding hearing before the Special master, who is like a judge, is required.

Regardless of how long the process takes, thankfully you do not have to pay any money out of pocket. You don’t pay us during the case and, unlike a typical lawsuit, you don’t owe us a dime after the case is over. We are paid separately by the vaccine compensation fund—and only after you have received your compensation.


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