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Normal shoulder pain after vaccine or SIRVA injury?

Many people may experience shoulder pain after a vaccine - or any shoulder injection. Because people can experience pain differently, the normal level of pain any person may experience can vary. This variability can make you wonder whether or not any pain you feel is normal, or if something went wrong when they gave you the vaccine.

Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (or "SIRVA") is the term used to describe an injury that can occur because of a poor vaccine administration. SIRVA is not normal. First, SIRVA is very rare. The exact rate of SIRVA incidents is unknown, but some estimates place it as high as one in over a hundred thousand vaccine administrations. So, it is unlikely that pain from vaccination is SIRVA.

Most normal pain from a needle will end after a few days. However, if your pain begins with 48 hours of your vaccination, and does not stop after a few days, you may have a SIRVA. SIRVA symptoms also usually include a reduction in your arm's range of motion.

So, if you experience pain right away or up to 48 hours after a vaccine, this pain lasts more than a few days, and your range of motion is limited, you may want to ask your doctor whether or not you have a SIRVA.

If you have experienced a SIRVA, you may be able to receive compensation from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (or "VICP"). There are additional requirements to receive compensation, so if you believe you have experienced a SIRVA, you should contact an attorney experienced with the VICP and SIRVA. There are also time limits for you to file a claim, so you should do so right away.


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