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We do NOT provide vaccine exemption assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT provide Covid-vaccine mandate exemption assistance. No exceptions. We are a law firm based in Richmond, Virginia handling rare vaccine injury claims through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

Get Updated If/When the COVID-19 vaccine is Covered by the VICP 

*As mentioned above, we do NOT provide exemption assistance.
Did you get any other vaccines in the 45 days since your symptoms started?
Covid-19 Information

According to news reports, experimental COVID-19 vaccine trials are underway, involving upwards of 250,000 volunteers receiving various versions of the coronavirus vaccination. This is what is called a clinical trial, required for pharmaceuticals eventually provided to the general public. As part of those clinical trials, potentially negative side-effects of the vaccine will be monitored and studied. We encourage you to browse the CDC website below or contact your local health department for all the updated information on the Covid-19 vaccine.

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