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  • Writer's pictureGlen Sturtevant

COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients are Protected by a Substandard Federal Compensation Program

While the quick development of COVID-19 vaccinations has been miraculous and life-saving for many, as with all vaccines there are some rare negative side effects in a very small percentage of the population. Normal side effects that quickly subside include injection site pain, tiredness, and some aches and pains. But according to the CDC, there have also been some rare occurrences of anaphylaxis in some vaccine recipients as outlined in this article on the Harvard Medical School’s Health Blog:

Pursuant to current regulations, individuals who experience a serious side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine do not have much of a remedy. Federal law prohibits them from bringing a claim against the vaccine manufacturers. Instead, their only option is to submit a claim to a federal program known as the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program. The CICP has been widely criticized as a “black hole” where legitimate claims for injuries caused by other vaccinations have languished for years without compensation or any sort of judicial review.

The National Vaccination Injury Compensation Program administered by the Court of Federal Claims and Department of Health and Human Services, however, is a robust program that provides injured individuals with legal recourse and a reasonable opportunity to receive compensation for their injuries that has been successfully been administered for nearly 40 years. In time, as the medical experts continue to consider and analyze the data, the COVID-19 will hopefully become covered by the VICP to reassure the public of protection in the rare instances of injury.


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