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  • Writer's pictureGlen Sturtevant

Is it too late for the flu shot?

If you haven’t already, now is the time to get vaccinated against the flu. Flu activity has been picking up across the country, with widespread infection in 24 states, according to the CDC. If that news has you worried, there’s still time to get vaccinated, even if it’s already March.

In an ideal world, everyone would be vaccinated early in the season. It typically takes two weeks for the flu shot to become effective, so it is recommended to get the flu vaccine by the end of October. That way, you’re fully protected by the time flu activity picks up. However, while flu season usually peaks from December to February, it can last until May. So, there’s still time to get infected.

According to the CDC, getting vaccinated later is better than never. Therefore, if you haven’t already, head to your physician’s office, CVS or other pharmacy and get vaccinated against the flu. Doing so will only help to protect you and those around you.


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